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Medical Weight Loss

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Weight loss is a difficult process and is a part of overall health maintenance. Weight loss often does not occur without a team effort. Maintaining lost weight is just as important as the initial loss. Dr. Nair & his team understand these weight loss principles and are prepared to help you help yourself.

Weight Management at BodyRx is a three-step process. It is imperative to follow these steps to achieve success.

1. Diet plan
You will be given a healthy eating diet plan to follow to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Click here to download two suggested eating plans.
  • Download - Three simple habits for life

2. Exercise plan
No diet is complete without an activity plan. Whether you are just walking or taking fitness classes, you need to get moving to optimize your success.

3. Appetite suppressant
Your practitioner and you will decide if an appetite suppressant will be an option for you. There are many of these prescriptions on the market currently. Talk to Dr. Suresh, Kim, Pam, or Chris about which one is right for you.

About Dr. Suresh Nair
suresh-nair-weight-loss-louisvilleDr. Nair is an internist who for the past nine years has been redirecting his practice to better utilize his expertise in weight loss, weight management, and nutritional medicine. Dr. Nair’s 15 year practice history spans from the very young and healthy to the old and frail which has intuitively provided him with insight into not only the short term effects of being overweight but the long term chronic complications as well.

  • Initial consult or over three months since last visit $135.00
  • Monthly follow-up visit $75.00
The prescription cost is not covered in these prices. You will need to have that filled at your local pharmacy. We also do not accept prior authorization requests.

It is imperative that you make and keep your monthly follow-up visits. This allows us to keep up with your progress and answer any of your questions as well. After a three-month time period, you must refill out new patient paperwork and pay the inital consult fee. This is non-negotiable for any reason.

To schedule an appointment, please feel free to call (502) 882-8680 / (502) 974 3447 or BodyRX now allows you to request appointments online. Simply click here to fill out the information.

You can also download your paperwork to fill out at home to save you time on your initial appointment.

Healthy Eating

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Contact Physician: If you have any questions or queries for our Physician about our services, you can ask directly at this email AskPhysician@bodyrxlouisville.com

*Disclaimer - We do not make any guarantees. Results may vary

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Medical weightloss

Jun 04, 2016 by Kelly sellers

The staff is very friendly and helpful this is my second week and I have already seen a approvement.

Highest quality expertise

Jan 06, 2016 by Audette

I'm a nurse practitioner and I cannot give high enough praise at the knowledge and professionalism displayed in this practice. Dr. Nair is a brilliant entrepreneur up on the latest research as are his providers. I see Pam Alvey, one of his NPs, she is knowledgeable, experienced, kind, compassionate and encouraging. I send many of my own patients to this practice!

It works

Mar 21, 2015 by rita kidd

This weight loss program is easy and it works. I lost almost 40 lbs. Dr. Nair and his staff are fantastic.

*Disclaimer - We do not make any guarantees. Results may vary

Response: .

Weight Loss Program

Feb 09, 2015 by Trisha

I went to see Dr. Nair in the beginning of August 2014, weighing 198lbs and a size 14. In the last 6 months I have lost 50+lbs and I am currently wearing a size 7 in juniors! That\'s the same size I wore in high school! I cant say enough about doctor Nair or this facility. They have truly helped me change myself for the better and helped me to have a new lease on life!

*Disclaimer - We do not make any guarantees. Results may vary

Medical weight loss

Aug 26, 2014 by Tammy Price Raeber

Been going since the end of March 2014 and I have lost 39pds!!!!!

*Disclaimer - We do not make any guarantees. Results may vary

5.0 5.0 25 25 The plan works! Commit to the plan and follow it, you WILL get results! Lost 23 lbs the first month! Thanks Body RX! Medical Weight Loss
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