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4 subjects to keep the weight off forever?

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1. Knowledge. The source of our thoughts is the knowledge we attain. So the first step is to get the right knowledge . Processed food point-blank-period  is bad, eat food the way God has packaged (eat apples not apple pie, drink water not coke). Sugar, Starch and White carbs. are the enemies. Every thought you have comes from within you, so make sure thoughts you create is based off of the correct facts.   Yes, we create thought, they don’t just come to us. Then go to the next subject.
2 Yog. In old Indian language (Sanskrit ) Yog means meditation or connection to higher power. Now that you have the knowledge and are  creating the right thoughts. Meditate 5 minutes every morning , how great your day is going to be? How can you prepare yourself to eat right? Are you traveling, going out to eat, have a stressful meetings, have a busy day with kids. Pack yourself a fruit, or a sandwich, eat some healthy snacks before going to a nice Italian restaurant to avoid eating starchy bread, know what you going to order. Change in life style, go to  sleep one hour early and get up one hour early to meditate. Now you have further mastered this subject, let’s go to the next subject.
3 Dharna. To bring your knowledge and meditation to the practical life. You are creating the right thoughts through the knowledge, you are prepared for your hard day through your meditation, now just do it. Bring all this to the action all day and start next day with same routine. Discipline and determination is the key to success. You are living it. Lets go to the last subject.
4 Seva  To simply help others. This last subject is the easiest as you don’t have to do anything. Others will see the results in you. Your right thoughts will send right vibrations in the environment and people will start doing what you are doing. If you touch one heart, that is enough , you have started the process of seva.

Practice these subjects to change any habit. All you need is, awareness. Be aware of what  you need to change? Is it weight, drinking , smoking, gossiping ,laziness or just wanting to live a happy and peaceful life. We  are  all students . It’s a journey, be kind to yourself, if you fall off a wagon get back on track. Instead of beating yourself up, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve accolades for your efforts.

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