Botox (wrinkle treatment) good or bad?

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What are wrinkles? Frown lines, “Eleven” between the eyes , crows feet around eyes, are formed from us moving these muscles all day while talking , laughing , squinting. So does this mean if we relax these muscle with botox treatment ,we won’t be able to talk, laugh or squint? The answer is no. During cosmetic procedures you calm down these muscles, but do not paralyze them completely. Your provider might talk about static and dynamic lines. What are those?

Static lines are the lines you see on your face while at rest , and dynamic lines are the lines you create while frowning, laughing and raising eyebrows . So these treatments will help with dynamic lines, and prevent static lines from forming. If you already have static lines these treatments will help lessen those lines, and prevent them from becoming worse. There are other treatments available for static lines along with botox treatment. Talk to your provider if you are concerned about those lines. Prevention of the static lines is the key. Start these treatment before you see them.

All the above products ( Botox, Disport, Xeomin and Jauveau ) are a type of Botulinum toxin A, and can relax the muscles which cause lines in-between eyes , forehead , lines around the eyes, etc. As long as your provider is familiar with the anatomy and the function of these muscles, side effects are minimal. You must follow the post procedure instructions so that the medicine doesn’t move to a different muscles . We use this treatment traditionally for migraine headaches ,TMJ ( grinding teeth ), etc . TMJ treatment also helps make your face looks thinner, by simply elongating the axis of the face. The question is which product to use? If you are a first time user, it doesn’t matter which one you use. Try all the products and see for yourself if one works better for you. If you don’t see results with botox or dysport then it might be a good idea to try Xeomin . Xeomin is a pure particle (causing less immune reaction), and it is also called a naked botox. So if for some reason you have developed immunity to the botox products , you will do well with Xeomin.

These treatments last 3-4 months. 70% of the people will see results in 2 weeks. There are slow responders( results seen after two weeks) , fast responders (show results in 3-4 days). Make your next appointment in three and half months before leaving to keep up on your treatment. If you maintain your treatments , it is shown that you will need less and less units after a few years. For some reason if you stop these treatments, no worries. Nothing is going to get worse , your muscles start getting back to where they were before the treatment. So go ahead and start treating yourself today. Have more questions? Come to Bodyrx Louisville , at any of two locations for your free consultation.