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Dull, uneven skin and fine wrinkle are the signs of the lazy skin cells. We need to wake them up and let our skin shed dead cells with chemical peels. While most chemical peels are designed to be done in the Med Spa setting, under medical provider’s supervision. You still have ¬†options at home during lock down. Be sure to follow this protocol as recommended and use only the recommended products. While we are exercising at home to avoid our body from becoming lazy, let’s do something to avoid our skin cells becoming lazy!

Chemical peels to rid of the top layer of the skin. Old damaged and dead cells give the skin a dull, dry and uneven complexion . Get your glow back while you are sitting at home . Yes, unfortunately your favorite spa is closed and you cannot get to your trusted provider, who you know can get your skin glowing . Of course you will reunite one day, but while waiting you can still keep your skin healthy, fresh and glowing.

You can safely do this at home. High dose Retinol A ( Radical night repair cream 1%) is used as a chemical in this peel. To do this at home make sure your skin is ready. So how to get your skin ready for this? Use ZO and get your skin ready with the protocol for few weeks .
ZO radical night repair 1% includes high Retinol concentration. During routine skin care you use two pumps of this product at night, 2-3 times a week along with your other routine products. But for an at home chemical peel you will need higher dose.

This will cause peeling of skin for few days. Yes, there is down time . With a stay home order, we have some time to spare. After the peeling process the top layer will be shading to bring new, glowing and strong skin cells up. Follow the recommended ZO protocol as below .

First step. Make sure your skin is ready for this peel. Most of our clients are using get skin ready

Second step. Use 5 pumps of radical night repair cream AM and PM, after cleansing your skin. After first 2-3 applications, your skin will start feeling tight. Continue this protocol for 3-5 days. Stop if your skin gets very irritated before 3 days.
1) Cleanse
2) daily power defense
3) radical night repair 1%
4) sunscreen.

Third step, Let old dead cell peel off. During the peeling period, wash your skin with gentle cleanser, and put on your ZO hydrating cream AM and PM. Use ZO sun screen in the morning.
Fourth step. Once all dead cells shed off, go back to your daily skin care protocol.
1) cleanse
2) gentle exfoliation
3) Zo hydrating cream

Just like that your have new baby soft skin.

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