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How to keep calm when nothing is stable around you?

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Situations around us are always changing, so our responsibility is not to react but to adjust and accept. Our thoughts play a major role in how we feel. We can change our world with our thoughts. Have you ever thought about it ?

It doesn’t matter how old you are today, but we all have seen how the world around us have changed in technology, how we get our food, how we pay bills ,and how we get paid etc. Some of us have never seen a pay phone and some of us or our kids will never see books. So there is only one thing that may still be under our control and that is our mind? QUESTION IS …IS YOUR MIND UNDER YOUR CONTROL?

We all have experienced at one time or the other that our thoughts have effects on our body, plants and animals. If you had a great day in the office and go home to your broken favorite vase. You will have a less difficult time letting that go that day. The day you had a bad day even the simplest thing can irritate you. Why does that happen ? Do you have control to change that behavior? Have you wondered sometimes how your pets react differently when you are happy and when you are sad? It is the vibe they feel around you. We send off our vibrations through our thoughts. Have you wondered sometimes how someone can say all the right things to you, but you still don’t feel good. Have you wondered maybe he or she is thinking of one thing , but saying exactly the opposite.

There have been studies that if you talk to the plants or sing to them, they will grow better than if you just watered them, or if you create a thought that watering them has only increased your work. You will see that plant dying in front of your eyes. So its not only people or animals but even plants can feel your vibrations. Have you ever experienced that when you are thinking about someone and you get a phone call from that person. We all have experienced all this but don’t pay attention to it or just ignore it. It is time to pay attention to your own power.

You can make a plant grow or kill it, you can make an animal happy or sad, or you can even make a person call you if you need to. Can you kill a virus with your thoughts? Yes ,we can stop thinking how bad the things are around us, and how fast this virus is affecting the world . How about just listening, reading and knowing the facts. Then focus on ourselves, take the right steps to protect , and create a thought that our body can fight it if I get this virus. We all , collectively , can start creating these thoughts and let scientists work on finding the treatment so that we can fight it together.

Wash your hands before eating or touching your face, don’t shake hands, jut give everyone a big smile with a hello, don’t over crowd yourself. Take help of the technology to stay connected. Look at proven preventive measures taking vitamin. C to increase immunity. Take turmeric as an anti inflammatory agent. Don’t worry what other person are doing , just create the right thought and you have done your part.

Let’s create our own destiny.

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