Platelet Rich Plasma Truth or Myth??

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Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) is getting a lot of attention in the aesthetic world. It has been used in orthopedic surgeries, orthopedic conditions like arthritis and other medical specialities for a long time . Now it’s gaining its role in the  aesthetic world for skin rejuvenation, and is well known as the vampire facial, hair loss and acne scar treatment.
PRP is prepared in the office by drawing your blood just like you would get for any lab test and, then it is spun to get plasma concentrated with platelets. Calcium can be added to the plasma to activate these platelets to get a surge of growth hormone and start the process of healing. It is a natural process that  happens in our body when we get a cut, Blood which rushes through has platelets and they are activated when exposed to the atmosphere thereby healing the area with new skin.
In orthopedic surgery PRP is prepared right then and there and, injected at the site of surgery to hasten  the process of healing. As we know there are always support from lots of studies before these kind of procedure are approved, For that reason, and from years of experience, I feel it definitely works. we have also injected PRP in the joints to help with arthritis.

So how is it used for skin rejuvenation ? PRP is prepared in the office, then your provider will inject that underneath the skin and it is followed by micro needling. Micro needling causes, what we would call a controlled injury and you already have healing cells waiting to go to work. It takes almost one week to get new healthier skin with new collagen and elastin. It helps with texture, pore size , discoloration and brightness. Results are very visible after one treatment . The more you do ,better results you are going to see. Recommendations are do a set of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart, and then maintaining it once or twice a year. This is very effective treatment for acne scars and other scars. Microneedling helps break down those fibers underneath the scars and replace them  with new collagen . For scars you might have to do more treatments to get the results you want.

PRP is used for thinning hair, erectile deficit( P shot) and in women urinary incontinence ,vaginal rejuvenation(O shot). Keep a watch for more new  indications coming up in the near future.

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