Why buy medical grade skin care products, when you can buy them over-the-counter?

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Medical grade skin care products are created with the best formulas to enhance skin absorption. This additional consideration equals extra steps in your skin care routine. There is a great reason for this. While over-the-counter (OTC) products include necessary ingredients, they often lack these thoughtful formulas. Let me give you a little insight on why your choice in skin care product makes a difference.

It is confusing……….. We know there are certain medicines like Retinol for aging skin and fine wrinkles, hydroquinone for Melasma/sun damage, and vitamin c, an antioxidant.. Then, why not buy products with them from retail shops or on line for cheaper prices?

Well the first reason is that the percentage of absorption depends on the size of particle in a product , percentage of active ingredients, and if your skin is prepped for the treatment.
To prepare for skin wash, exfoliate and use toner. First two steps are to clean, get rid of dead cells, and the last step corrects and balances pH of the skin. Now it is ready for the treatment.

The second reason is that Medical grade products contain smaller particles so it is easier to get absorbed and the pH is adjusted to improve absorption. These medical grade products go through multiple studies to show results before it gets approved by FDA for the treatment.

Make sure to get your skin evaluated before buying your products, and after that get it evaluated often as your skin condition changes with weather, hormones, stress level and age.