Why exfoliate ??

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Skin, the largest organ of our body.  Did you know, we shed millions of cells everyday and so our bodies make millions of new cells in its effort to replace them? Dead cells don’t fall off at once.  As new cells make their way up, old and dead cells start falling. That is why our feet look smooth and shiny after a nice exfoliating pedicure.
So how about our faces? The face is always covered with dead cells, unless you exfoliate and get rid of them regularly.  Dead cells make our complexion look dull, and clog pores that causes acne break outs.  If you have a skin condition and are treating it with topical medications, you are just putting medicine over the dead cells. It is like putting fertilizer over the soil filled with dead leaves. Nothing gets absorbed.
So daily home skin care must include good skin wash and exfoliation. You don’t have to be old to start taking care of your skin. Be careful though when you get your product. Make sure it is right for your skin condition. Get your skin evaluated by a professional (using machines like the Visia) before buying products . With aging, weather, and hormone changes, skin conditions change, so before rebuying the same product, get your skin evaluated every time. Exfoliating product should not be too harsh on your skin.  It should be enough to get rid of layers of dead cells without affecting the  superficial layers of the skin. You can start exfoliating every other day if you have never done it before, and then try to increase gradually to everyday .

Aging affects skin in many different ways. Skin cells regenerate slowly and cannot hold water as effectively  as new cells. Using exfoliation accelerator helps increase the speed of new cells formation. Drinking lots of water will also help hydrate cells, but the problem is not that you are dehydrated all the time, but  now cells cannot hold water that much as they are weak and old. To strengthen your skin cells, use products with Retinol. So start today with a good skin care regimen daily, to keep your skin looking young and glowing all the time.