It’s time to give back to the community

Be it our customers or our team members, everyone lives by the idea that every bit of kindness and charity counts, no matter how small it is.

With an aim to give back to the society and the community that we are a part of, Bodyrx, continuously organize “charity days” where a certain portion of the daily income or proceeds are donated to a list of charitable institutes, social organizations, and support centres.

Contributing towards Breast cancer Awareness

Every 1 out of 8 women in the US suffers from Breast cancer at some point in time in her life. The disease can be treated much more effectively if the problem is diagnosed earlier. As a step towards spreading awareness and helping out the patients suffering from breast cancer, Bodyrx donated 5% of its proceeds of 27th of October, 2017 to the Dallas based Susan G Komen foundation that helps the people fighting from Breast cancer. The foundation is continuously involved in research for bringing out high tech-medicines for treating the problem and additionally takes care of the basic amenities for those who are suffering from the problem.(The month of October is considered as the national breast cancer awareness month.)

Supporting the real live heroes

The fire-fighters are the real-life superheroes who put their lives in danger for all those common people out there. Bodyrx donated 5% of its proceeds from 10th January 2018 to the PRP fire department as a token of respect for the good and brave work these “superheroes” do for us.

Customers are encouraged to set up their appointments on such specific days, so as we can contribute heavily to the community and its growth.

“Each and every bit of your kindness matters a lot.”