Benefits of IV Therapy (Meyer’s Cocktail)

It is the fastest way to get nutrients into the body

– Supplements delivered intravenously are immediately available for your body

Can help alleviate certain conditions, such as dehydration, stomach flu, headaches, coldsfiu, nausea, vomiting, fatigue 

– Your body needs natural hydration to fight off diseases

Provides your body with natural energy

– Energy-producing properties of B vitamins and amino acids are the building blocks of protein in the body

Lessens the signs of aging 
– Meyer’s cocktail contains multiple antioxidants to repair damaged cells, detox the liver, and boost your immune system

Curing hangover symptoms 

Help ease anxiety and promote relaxation 
– Magnesium in Meyer’s cocktail is known to help with sleep, relax your muscles, calms feelings of anxiety


The Cons of IV Therapy

A small risk of infection at the injection site 
– Anytime we puncture the skin, there is always a risk of infection

Bruising, redness, and itching can happen at the injection site
– This is most likely temporary and self-resolving

It can hurt a little 
– We use the smallest needle possible


Who Is Not a Candidate For IV Therapy?

Congestive Heart Failure 

Severe Kidney Disease 


Immunocompromised (Cancer/HIV/Infection Risk) 

Significant Liver Disease


Who May Need a Consultation?

High Blood Pressure. 

Heart Disease


Anybody with concerns

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