Myth Busters – Botox

There seem to be three camps in the great Botox debate: Camp “I’ve never had it done and I’m never going to have it done”, Camp “I’ve never had it done, but I’ve never given it much thought either, and lastly Camp “I have it done religiously and can never be without it again.” It’s funny to me how polarizing Botox can STILL be all these years of research later, FDA approval and renown medical doctors using it as their treatment of choice. The largest part of that controversy has to stem from the good ol fear of the unknown. Think about this, if you reside comfortably in Botox camp “Never had it, never want it” – very well might have a few fears and reservations. We want to alleviate and hopefully address most of those here today. Since I personally just relocated to Botox camp “Do it, love it, can’t go without it” I can dispel some of the myths surrounding Botox, but first needed to experience things for myself! I have had two Botox treatments done in the past 8 months and am beyond thrilled with my results. But getting back to my time in the far away land of “never had it, never want it” these were some of my fears and thoughts regarding Botox.

1. Will having a Botox treatment “freeze” my face?

Dr. Sarita Nair, of BodyRX Louisville medical spa, smiled politely when I told her I was scared of this happening. As I sat nervously in the treatment chair she explained in perfect lay terms that Botox works to relax facial muscles so that we can still make all those endearing expressions but have a smoother more youthful appearance while doing so. Dr. Nair further explained that she prides herself in performing very natural Botox treatments. She said that she wants people to notice that something is different about you but that they can’t quite put their finger on why you look so great. (We’ve all seen those people who have had one too many things tucked or plumped or both – I prefer to ere on the side of natural, slight tweaks.)

2. Will my Botox treatment hurt?

This question earned me another smile from Dr. Nair! She compared Botox injections to little mosquito bites but minus the after effect of itching that you get with mosquito bites. At BodyRX Louisville, they use the tiniest needles for injections! Most injections I didn’t even feel – yay for tiny needles and the gentle hands of Dr. Nair! The two injections I did feel were right above each of my eyebrows where she performed a mini “brow lift” and even those were completely tolerable (and totally worth it might I add).

3. What will I look/feel like after having a Botox treatment?

Dr. Nair was so gracious in answering all of my questions and this was no exception. She said that I could expect some slight swelling and redness at each injection site (just like you would with a mosquito bite) but that it would calm down within 1-2 hours from treatment. She also said that some people experience headaches after Botox treatments (I was one of those) and to take whatever I was normally comfortable taking to treat a headache (which I happily did).

Then for the results – Dr. Nair told me that it takes about two weeks to see the full results of Botox but that I would probably begin to notice a change within three days. She also sent me home with a short list of things to do that evening after having my treatment done, such as: don’t wash your face aggressively right after treatment, don’t relax in sauna and to not rub the area that were treated. The take home note also included her personal cell phone number to call if I had any questions or concerns! Can you believe that?

So yes it is safe to say that I live happily and youthfully (appearing) in Botox camp “Do it, love it, can never be without it”! I have my treatments done every 3-4 months, which is the common length of time you will maintain results from a Botox treatment. I will warn you though- once you begin to dip your toe in the Botox fountain of youth there is no going back. You will not want to see those tired, old lines come back once you have told them who’s boss!

            Before                             After